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How to retouch automotive paint

Sometimes, you get a car that’s clean and perfect, and sometimes the car you shoot is dirty. Or perhaps there is an insane reflection that you didn’t see before, or a bad highlight, or a scuff on the bottom of the nose, or something in the distance that distracts – all these details can take… Read More »

The definitive guide on light paint, Part 3.

For parts 1 and 2 on how to make and edit light paint, click the links. Now that we’ve gone over how to shoot the car with proper lighting, and light paint with special effects, this week will cover how to edit light paint shots together into one seamless look. We’ll be using a series… Read More »

The definitive guide to light paint, Part 2.

Last week, I covered the basics of how to light paint. But, before we head over to the computer to edit, I wanted to show a few special effects that are more practical to do in person, as oppose to editing in later on. I’ll use another shot of the 911, and a 4 Series… Read More »

The definitive guide on how to light paint, Part 1

Without a doubt, the biggest WOW factor you can produce with a car and camera is to light paint. It’s a simple concept – turn the lights off, light the car, combine the exposures, and you’ve got a car that has a unique-looking sheen. This is the question I often get asked the most, and… Read More »