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Top Gun: M2 CS vs G80 M3 vs M5 CS

CS. The name means something to the BMW faithful, and BMW recently revived the badge to place on the top trim of its modern M fleet. It stands for the best. The fastest. The most racy. But does the extra money and speed get you actual prestige? I take the latest pair of an M2… Read More »

What’s the best modern BMW M car?

I’ve driven them all, on both road and track. My M3 is coming, but did I make the right decision? I’m going to share some driving time and let you know what I think the best modern BMW M car is. Bring out the M2, M3/M4, and the M5! The BMW M2 For: Most fun… Read More »

The BMW M2 CS Party

The name “CS”, or “Club Sport”, is the highest honor bestowed on a BMW M car, short of it having a GT somewhere in the name. They are rare, expensive, and hard to get a hold of. But for Phil at Detailer’s Domian, getting no less than five BMW M2 CS Coupes in the shop… Read More »

A look inside Detailer’s Domain with some M2s

I love working with detailers. It’s a natural fit. They make the cars clean, and I make ’em look good. This time, I’d be visiting Detailer’s Domain, with owner Phil Yiu. If you live anywhere in the tri-state area (and even beyond), then you know this place is famous for working on high-end cars. Did… Read More »

How to shoot a car in the afternoon

You always want to shoot a car at dawn or dusk. But sometimes schedules work out for an afternoon shoot, and that means high contrast lighting. When Phil of the famous Detailer’s Domain wanted a shoot with his M2, the only timing that worked was mid-day. Here are five tips for dealing with high contrast… Read More »

How I shot the BMW M2 at Pocono Raceway

It’s fun to shoot M cars like this BMW M2 in different environments. After all, the mantra of these cars is that you can literally race it during the day and pick up your date with it that night. They all have dual personalities. We always focus on the outside world because that’s what we… Read More »

Behind the scenes on the BMW M2 photoshoot

Today I’ll cover the BMW M2 Competition, shot for BMW of Manhattan, and show you a little behind the scenes at one of the busiest BMW dealers I’ve been to. I was invited by Louis to stop by the dealership for a few hours and come check out a special M Performance version of the… Read More »