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The 2020 recap

Just like everyone else on the planet, 2020 has been a year to remember for me. Thankfully, shooting cars is something that can be done safely outside, so there were still plenty of amazing vehicles to get a good look at through my lens. Here’s a 2020 recap! 1 – BMW M School Yes, I… Read More »

Shooting the Saleen S7

Next up in Larry’s incredible garage is sort of a unicorn. As an automotive photographer, I’ve seen and shot all sorts of rare vehicles, but the last time I could remember seeing a Saleen S7 was at an auto show almost 20 years ago. Yet here it was, in front of me. Once again, the… Read More »

Shooting the Rimac Concept One

Larry’s garage at the AMMO NYC headquarters is a palace of clean, and you never know what will show up. Still, when he called and said he had a Rimac Concept One coming in from Manhattan Motorcars, I was pretty surprised. It’s not every day you get to hang out with a hyper car of… Read More »

Light painting a car without a light

I recently posted some tips on how to shoot your car with an iPhone. Let’s continue the theme this week with light painting a car, using no Ice Lights or strobes. What you’ll need for light painting a car: A camera A tripod Sunlight Adobe Photoshop On Location – set up So you’ve picked a… Read More »

5 quick tips for light painting a car

Light painting. Nothing gives you that big WOW factor like it. I’ve covered it in detail, and even shot a video with AMMO NYC on it. But what if you just want to know the basics for a shoot? These images were both shot with just 5 exposures. 3 for the car, 2 for the… Read More »

The definitive guide on light paint, Part 3.

For parts 1 and 2 on how to make and edit light paint, click the links. Now that we’ve gone over how to shoot the car with proper lighting, and light paint with special effects, this week will cover how to edit light paint shots together into one seamless look. We’ll be using a series… Read More »

The definitive guide to light paint, Part 2.

Last week, I covered the basics of how to light paint. But, before we head over to the computer to edit, I wanted to show a few special effects that are more practical to do in person, as oppose to editing in later on. I’ll use another shot of the 911, and a 4 Series… Read More »

The definitive guide on how to light paint, Part 1

Without a doubt, the biggest WOW factor you can produce with a car and camera is to light paint. It’s a simple concept – turn the lights off, light the car, combine the exposures, and you’ve got a car that has a unique-looking sheen. This is the question I often get asked the most, and… Read More »