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RX-7 Prime Day

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7’s Day NYC is a love letter to JDM culture

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RX-7 Day

There was just one thought I had running through my head while shooting at 7’s Day in New York City; “Why can’t the 3000GT have a day like this?” That’s misleading, the GT does have some special events, but nothing like this. But what is 7’s Day, and why is it by invitation only? I’ll show you.

Acura NSX
More than Mazdas show up.

Lucky Number 7

Then concept behind 7’s Day is simple; celebrate the Mazda RX-7 (and hi to you also, RX-8). A Japanese sports coupe with the same level of fame as Nissan’s Z, the RX-7 was powered by a rotary engine. Though Mazda didn’t invent it (a German names Henry Wankel had that honor), they were the only major auto maker to embrace it. While reliability wasn’t always part of the package with 90’s Japanese coupes, the RX-7 was particularly bad. The rotary burns oil as a natural byproduct of the way it works, making it tougher to maintain than a Supra of the same era. It’s why you might more commonly see an RX-7 with an LS V-8 engine in it.

Still, the car generated a cult following, and the last FD generation was particularly popular. Fast and Furious may have made that orange Supra famous, but Dom’s ride of choice was an RX. They are still stunningly beautiful.

Mazda RX-7
R34 Nissan Skyline
These always pop up, even though they aren’t legal yet.
Nissan Skyline
Rotary engines only please.
Some heavily modded cars add to the variety on display. Everyone has a personal vision.

7’s Day Special

We could end this article here and call it good. After all, at the Fall Cruise it’s usually just BMWs, and most brand shows keep to themselves. And while 7’s Day happens all over the country, in NYC it’s particularly eventful. It’s grown beyond a showcase of RXs and become a full on import show. Like all your best buds celebrating your b-day, the RX remains the focal point, but so many exotic machines show up.

The RX lives on
The RX lives on

This year, the show started with various meet up points throughout the tri-state. If you’re hyper-local, you’ll know where the spots are from my images, but it remains invitation-only. I can’t say I blame the show runners for setting it up that way to avoid the nonsense that can come with these types of events.

We first met up at a local mall, then traveled up to northern New Jersey for a show before the show.
RX-7 wheels
They tell me these Mazdaspeed wheels are impossible to find.

What else shows up at 7’s Day?

Everything, Imagine stepping into the garage of Grand Turismo, and you get the idea. Plenty of Nissan Skylines, including the vaunted R34 (not yet road legal), show up. Nissan Z cars, mostly of 350 and 370 vintage, also stop by. The typical Subie and Evo team take over a section, and expect plenty of Honda power. By the way, if you want to know which NSX is cool and which isn’t, ask how many new ones were there (zero). Shout out goes to the lone 3000GT (I always find one), and random 90’s Mitsubishi Mirages at the show.

Sometimes I’m surprised. DSM cars are becoming so rare, only a single second-gen Eclipse was there. “Stock” JDM Silvias and 240SXs are pretty much impossible to find. And BMWs with JDM wheels. “Sacrilege!” you say? I think it’s just plain cool.

Lexus IS-F
I love the V-8 in the IS-F. These exhaust outlets are actually fake, but the sound is real.
Mitsu Evo
Long live the Evo.
An NSX with an NSX trailer.
Mitsubishi Mirage
The Mirage, or Colt, is probably more rare than a 3000GT at this point.
I’m glad this car exists. It’s given an easy platform for so many to jump into the scene.
Only the first gen NSX was here. Take that how you will.
Toyota Supra
It’s a rolling cliche, but still fun.
Nissan Z
A 370Z with rally lights is not something you might see every day.
Of all the Eclipses, the second gen is the best looking. They are getting harder to find.
Not a true 99, but still lookin’ good.

Acura NSX

E90 M3
The holiest of BMW M cars, on Japanese wheels. It looks great!

Onto NYC

From our special meetup in northern New Jersey, many head into New York City for some photo ops. This year, I decide not to tag along because I can’t shoot and drive the M3 at the same time. Maybe next year.

I love the culture this show brings out. Most of the owners are still kids, and I never had anything like this when I was their age. Everyone is cool, and respectful of other rides. It’s clear by the amount of M3s at the show that the BMW group that I’m involved in got started with this import scene. No other German brand was even represented.

Car shows have become so corporate, with shops and brands sponsoring every two feet. It’s why I try to keep the Fall Cruise special. But 7’s Day isn’t like that, and you can tell from the spirit of everyone involved.

Toyota Supra
See you next year!

Special thanks to Danny and Jay for this year’s invite!

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