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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

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PrimeNYC show recap

By now, my love for Japanese cars is well documented. It’s how I got started with all of this. And before I take you to the PrimeNYC show recap, I’m going to give you a little context…

My first two cars, together for one night only.

Yep, that’s my 3000GT and my first 350Z, together in 2004. This was taken in a Pathmark parking lot (that we promptly got kicked out of), and the two cars here were about as exotic as it got in regards to import cars in the early 2000s.

I date myself because here we are, almost 20 years later, at an event that made these two look like wallflowers.

What’s PrimeNYC?

Mazda RX-7
Here’s where the 7 comes in.
Mazda RX-7
Curves for days.
Mazda RX-7
This car has held up so well, it could still be sold in the showroom today.
Mazda RX-7
More RX-7’s together than I’ve ever seen before.

Remember the Mazda RX-7? Of course you do, and it has a passionate fan base that lives on to this day. A bunch of those owners came together on July 7th (7/7), and pronounced it 7s day forever and ever. But what started out as a day for Mazdas has turned into one of the best days of the year to spy exotic Japanese metal.

What do you consider a Japanese exotic?

Toyota Supra Mk IV
The prices of these have gone sky high.
Nissan Skyline R34
This was a beautiful example of an R34, in the proper color.
Nissan Skyline R33
Fast and Furious vibes.
Mitsubishi 3000GT
The only one at the show, but more then held it’s own.
Honda NSX
The most exotic of Japanese cars, even to this day.

I have shot million dollar super cars, closed down the BMW Performance Center’s track, and ridden shotgun on a Formula E track. Nothing gets me as amped up as seeing a right hand drive R34 Skyline, weird Kei car, and yes, random 3000GT.

20 years ago, the cars we considered cool existed only across big oceans or made up of pixels in Gran Turismo. It was almost impossible to legally import them, and even if you saw one at a show, it was tucked away in the corner because everyone was busy looking at the Ferrari Enzo.

Now, a Mark IV Supra costs upwards of $100,000, begging the question of what an exotic really is. Should you even import one?

The Show itself

The PrimeNYC show consists of a static display in Overpeck Park in NJ, which overlooks the New York City skyline. Once the sun begins to set, the show moves into the city. The caravan makes stops in Harlem, Times Square and finally Long Island City. This year I could only attend the static display, but I’ll clear my schedule next year.

As always, Times Square can be a dangerous place for both car and shooter. Ever since the exotic rallies took over the space, the police have been pulling more people over. Be careful.

What did you use to shoot?

I’m still playing with my new 70-200mm Nikon Z lens, so I decided to keep it on here. In reality, it’s probably a bit to much zoom for the show, but I wanted to experiment.

Any BMWs?

E92 M3
What, you thought I wouldn’t find one?
F80 M3
More F8Xs were there than any other generation.
E46 M3
The E46 made an appearance.
E90 M3
This car had a track look to it, and it stood out among the tiny Kei cars parked next to it.

Like me, many BMW owners started out with a Japanese ride. So it’s cool to see how both import and German car culture have meshed together.

As a result, yes, plenty of M3s were there, in all forms and generations.

I’ll be going again next year with my G80 for the full show! See you then!

Mega gallery

R34 skyline
Oh man, this was THE color in Gran Turismo.
Nissan Skyline
Could be the most famous tuner engine.
Skyline GT-R
There isn’t anything wrong with an R35, but no one was crowding around them either.
Skyline R32
An R32 in excellent condition.
R32 Skyline.
Another R32
Nissan 300ZX
This is another car that I’ve always loved, and is underappreciated.
300ZX wheel
Small brakes, but in its day, I bet they looked like pizza platters.
Seeing a theme here? This car looks great and dare I say better than the modern version.
There were a few Supras, and they too draw a crowd.
What’s left to say? I love it.
I’ve always found the curvier shape of the 370 a bit less pretty than the 350, but it’s still a great car.
Nissan 350Z
My other former love. Nothing drove like this in 2003.
Who knew that mom’s car would not only be coveted one day, but imported halfway across the world.
Lambo Huracan
This Hurcacan proved popular because of the color.
Honda Beat
BEAT it…haha ok Dad joke over.
Hi Danny!

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I use Nikon camera bodies and lenses, a Westcott Ice Light 2, Manfrotto tripod, B + W filters and an iMac Pro to make the art you see here.

Email me at with any questions.

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