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BMW M2 lineup

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A look inside Detailer’s Domain with some M2s

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I love working with detailers. It’s a natural fit. They make the cars clean, and I make ’em look good. This time, I’d be visiting Detailer’s Domain, with owner Phil Yiu. If you live anywhere in the tri-state area (and even beyond), then you know this place is famous for working on high-end cars.

Did I mention Phil loves BMWs, and M2s in particular? And he had the most special of M2s in.

A mecca of exotic performance at Detailer’s Domain

If you want your car detailed, wrapped, cleaned or protected, you see Phil. Much like Larry’s garage, you never know what you’ll find. Today it was a Porsche 911, a McLaren 75o LT, and no less than five BMW M2s.

Phil has a few lifts in his space, which allowed me access to the undercarriage of an M2 I would be shooting going up for sale. But it was an awesome sight to so many M2s on top of each other. They spread the gamut of the line, from the original with the N55 motor, to the M2 CS.

Located in a quiet town in northern New Jersey, it’s an unassuming garage that becomes the perfect detailing shop inside.

Phil’s role call today included many M2s.

Me, you and M2

Detailer’s Domain is a hive of BMW activity, but even among some cool Bavarian metal, the M2 CS stands out. Painted in Misano Blue, a color I liked a lot more in person, the car was stunning.

The carbon fiber weave is different from other M cars due to the unique manufacturing process for this car, and the carbon fiber bits add a special level of aggressiveness.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, because there were others.

Launched in 2016, the M2 up for sale was the original, with the N55 engine. Just 3,000 miles were on the clock, and I’ll be doing a post soon on how to shoot your car going up for sale.

Next was Phil’s own M2 Competition, which I’ve covered in detail previously.

There were also two other Competition models, in Alpine White and Hockenheim Silver.

The CS stands above as possibly the best F-chassis car BMW has ever made.

Let’s have a Competition

I’ve been behind the wheel of many M2s, but driving them back-to-back was a unique experience. Each feels similar, with the added refinement you’d expect from the LCI models. But the CS is in a league of it’s own. Even a brief turn around the parking lot revealed the stiffness of the chassis. I loved it. Whether or not it’s worth the price you pay for what is BMWs smallest car is up to you.

The only thing missing for me would be an extra set of doors. But this is one stunning BMW.
It was a cold morning, on what happened to be my birthday.
The color is called Misano Blue Metallic, from the BMW X2. I did not expect to like it this much in person.
A side profile of a classic coupe shape.

More shop fun to come at Detailer’s Domain

Phil and I will be working together more in the coming months, so stay tuned for more from Detailer’s Domain!

BMW M2 Tachometer
More to come soon, including tips on how to sell your high-performance German vehicle.

Special thanks to Phil at Detailer’s Domain for making all the M2s available!

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