Every car has a distinct personality, with its own unique story to tell. A soul. It's something I always keep in mind when I'm shooting. If your car could speak, what would it say to you?

Mike D'Ambrosio


Hi, my name’s Mike D’Ambrosio, and yes, I have a thing for cars. From the first time I saw a bright red, chrome-rimmed Mitsubishi 3000GT drive down the street at the tender age of 13, I've had a love for these machines that transport both our body and our soul.

Currently residing in New Jersey, I'm available for photo shoots in the tri-state area and beyond. You'll find me and my M3 at the local Cars and Coffee, track side, or in my garage wrenching.

I'm also an Art Director and Graphic Designer, and you can find my work at MikeTheDesignNinja.com.

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